Who is Corrplus ?

Corrplus is a company that has adopted the principle of producing alternative solutions in the field of information technology. In addition to the sectoral solutions, detailed solutions to the problems of information technologies are being solved.

Corrplus ; It is founded and structured on the principle of honesty, transparency, flexibility, innovative and high-level service understanding. CorrPlus aims to provide high quality service by providing fast and reliable solutions and providing the best service with the most suitable methods. Corrplus , which offers a detailed solution to projects with the highest quality of service in their projects and products and for maximum customer satisfaction, detailing the requests to the finest detail and blending the experience, knowledge, , he was tasked with being disciplined and approaching friendly approaches.

How does Corrplus doing?

Development in the field of information technology is open, entrepreneurial, solution oriented and adds value to the customers and provides the quality of service at the highest level. It is among the aims to continue on this path and to contribute to the country’s economy.

In the future, to carry out their work with a vision that is always looking forward, to become a recognized value in the country and in the world and to provide solutions in collecting information processing field.

Increasing emphasis on corporate social responsibility makes it difficult to provide both profitability and financial reliability. Recognizing these risks also creates new requirements and new areas of activity for both Corrplus at both the organizational and management levels. Corrplus and all the actions of all employees and their actions on society and the environment.

To reach our periodical quality targets, to meet customer requirements that are agreed at the beginning, to realize high service quality not allowing product differences, to bring business relations to international level, to ensure product safety and quality, to reduce risks, to develop new standards and guidelines, our goals.

Why Corrplus?

Who chose Corrplus?